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Policy Seminar: Resolving the Limitation of ‘Nth Room Prevention Law’

  • Monday, July 20, 2020
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On Wednesday July 1st, 2020, Women’s and Children’s Rights Forum of National Assembly was held in the National Assembly Hall with the title, “Resolving the Limitation of Nth Room Prevention Law: Eradication of Digital Sex Offences.”  

The seminar was hosted by Insook Kwon, a member of the National Assembly, and was jointly organized by Korean Institute of Criminology(KIC), Korean Women’s Development Institute(KWDI), and the Joint Committee on Telegram Sexual Exploitation. 

Su Jung Lee, professor at the Department of Criminal Psychology, Kyunggi University, chaired the seminar. Han-Kyun Kim, senior research fellow of KIC, presented on “Improvements of Effective Punishment on Digital Sex Crime”, and Jung Hye Kim, research fellow of KWDI, presented on “Protective & Supportive Plan on Victims of Digital Sex Crime.” 

The discussion panel included Goun Shin(lawyer, Women’s Rights Committee, Lawyers for a Democratic Society), Yeojin Kim(the director of Crime Victim Assistance Division, Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Center), Seohui Choi(activist, Reporting Sexual Exploitation in Telegram), Dahae Park(journalist, Hankyoreh Newspaper), Jihyeon Suh(prosecutor and special adviser of gender equality, Korean Ministry of Justice), Yeongju Kim(the director of Internet Ethics Team, Korea Communication Commission), Jeongmi Yoo(the director of Women’s and Youth Rights Support Division, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family), and Jongsang Choi(the director of Cyber Investigation Division, Korean National Police Agency).