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KIC held its annual research proposal review for FY2020

  • Friday, March 13, 2020
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Between 11 and 12 March 2020, the Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC) held its Annual Research Proposal Review at its conference room on the 10th floor of the KIC headquarters in Seoul, Korea. The event marked the official beginning of the Institute’s annual research projects for fiscal year 2020 in six internal research divisions: criminal law, crime survey and statistics, judicial reform, crime prevention and treatment, corruption and crime, and international cooperation.

During the two-day event, a total of twenty-three research projects for FY2020 were proposed and deliberated by reviewers inside and outside the Institute (due to the COVID-19 outbreak, outside reviewers submitted their opinions and views in writing). Some of the proposed research projects included: improving the treatment of minors in criminal proceedings, the use of home confinement, the feasibility of allowing video recordings of criminal proceedings, developing and improving scientific and forensic techniques, surveying the use of entrusted investigatory power by administrative agencies, database on crime statistics and trends, limitation of warrant requirements in contemporary era and finding a right balance between efficient investigation and human rights protection, comparative law research on criminal codes of foreign jurisdictions on major crime and justice issues, and international and UN crime prevention and criminal justice activities.