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Democratic Control Methods of the Local Police

  • An, Sung-hoon   |   2018
  • Monday, January 20, 2020
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This research aims to discuss the democratic control methods of local police in Korea. In recent years, the Korean government has been pushing to decentralize and implement self-rule of local governments, which in turn is prompting changes in the public order policy in the country. In light of this recent policy trend, the current study aims to review the positive effects of the local police system on the public order policy as the decentralization of governance takes place gradually, in addition to discussing the feasibility of introducing and employing the local police system. To achieve this end, the current study presents a time series analysis of the goverment policy changes in Korean history, as well as an analysis of the political issues in various administrations, and management and operational features regarding the local police system. The objective of the study is to introduce the democratic control methods of the local police system in the future.

The study includes case studies of the United Kingdom’s local police system, which has a representative case of local police administration, in addition to Japan, a country that has a similar police system to Korea’s. Through these examples, the goal is to develop core management implications of successful implementation and democratic control of the local police system following the decentralization of governance.

Keyword Local Police