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A Study on the Improvement Plan of Halfway Treatment for Delinquent Juvenile: Focused on the Protective Disposition No.6

  • Lee, Seung-hyun, Park Sun-young   |   2017
  • Friday, October 19, 2018
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The halfway treatment is an alternative to the institutional treatment. It means a halfway house into prison, and the referral to a child welfare institution is the representative disposition in the Juvenile Justice. Protective disposition No.6 applies to child or juvenile under vulnerable family environment. Halfway house plays a role of parent for them for 6 months. Among all of the protective dispositions, the application rate of disposition no. 6 is under 4%. It results from a lack of understanding of disposition no.6 and lack of facilities.

This study suggests the way to improve disposition No.6 is as followed:

First, the identity of disposition No.6 needs more clarity. Disposition No.6 is the halfway treatment, but the actual operational situation is similar to the institutional treatment. Thus, the halfway house should be semi-opened facility and need to break punitive and correctional perspectives.

Second, it is vital to select proper juveniles for disposition No.6. The appropriate subject for disposition No.6 is juveniles under vulnerable home environment so that recovery of the family function should be available through the role of halfway house. Moreover, they need to get used to group life. Mentally disordered or violent juveniles should be excluded.

Third, child welfare institution needs to be operated by national budget not by a local government. Also, facility standard has to meet that of child welfare institution, which operates 24hours, not that of child care institution. Regarding the standard of a worker should be strengthened.

Fourth, the development of the specialized program and monitoring of the effectiveness of the program are also essential to differentiate from disposition No.1 facilities.

Fifth, supervision of management for the disposition No.6 facility needs to be tightened for systemic operation. Aftercare facility such as Independent Living Center should be provided. Also, juveniles need to be connected to probation before discharging them from the disposition No.6 facilities without the gap of treatment.

Sixth, regarding legislative improvements, provisions for budget support by nation need to be newly established. Also, related provisions of the basic living security need to be revised in order not to make a financial gap. Elementary and Secondary Education Act should be revised for educational support.

Keyword Delinquent Juvenile, Protective Disposition