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No Title Year Author Hits
23 Annual Report on UN·International Cooperation and Research for Crime Prevention (XⅤ) 2019 Yoon, Jeong-sook, Soung, Jea-hyen, Lee, Seung-jin, Na, Joo-won, Jung, Se-yoon, Kang, Min-jung 401
22 Democratic Control Methods of the Local Police 2018 An, Sung-hoon 129
21 Comprehensive Evaluation of Human Rights Protection Competency of Criminal Justice Agencies (I): Focused on the Prosecution and the Police 2018 Gahng, Taegyung, Kim, Han-kyun, Kim, Kyoung Chan, Seo, Seonyoung, Kim, Donghyun, Kim, Doona, Kim, Jae Wang, Ryu, Minhee, Park, Hanhee, Cho, Hyein, Choi, Hyun Jung, Han, Garam, Koo, Jeong-Woo, Kim, Doo Nyeon, Chung, Jin Won 4
20 A Study on the Obstruction of Police’s Performance of Official Duties 2016 Hae-Sung Yoon, Min Kyung Han 225
19 Police Implementing Community-based Crime Prevention System in Korea 2012 Byung-In Cho 16
18 An Evaluation of the Bill of the Municipal Police Act in Korea 2005 Kyung-Rae Park 0
17 A Systematic Plan to Collect and Analyze Criminal Intelligence by the Police 2005 Dong-Hwan Lee, Chang-Won Pyo 1
16 A Study on Citizen Patrol for Voluntary Crime Prevention 2005 Young-Sil Jeon 2
15 Rearranging Korean Police Functions: Community Policing and Fear of Crime 2003 Seong-Eon Kim 4
14 Private Security in Korea: Its Growth and Implications 2002 Seong-Eon Kim 3
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