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No Title Year Author Hits
30 Cryptocurrency-related Crime and Criminal Justice 2017 Yeon, Seong-jin, Chun, Hyun-wook, Kim, Gi-bum, Shin, Ji-ho, Choi, Seon-hee 12
29 Criminal Justice Policy against Cyber-Terrorism in Korea and the US 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Min Jeong Cho, So Young Park, Sujung An 12
28 Report on The KIC Virtual Forum Against Cybercrime Program 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Jea-Hyen Soung, Joo Won Na, Min Jeong Cho 9
27 Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation in Cyber Security Policy 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Rho-hyung Park, Myung-hyun Chung, Min-ho Ahn 5
26 A Study on the Revision of Laws and Regulations on Cybercrimes 2013 Seok-Ku Kang, Won-Sang Lee 5
25 Cybercrime in Social Networking Services and Criminal Justice Responses 2013 Hae-Sung Yoon, Seong-Hoon Park 13
24 Cyberterrorism: Trends and Reponses 2012 Hae-Sung Yoon 8
23 A Study on Countermeasures against Cybercrime in Cloud Computing Environment 2012 Won-Sang Lee, Seong-Sik Lee 2
22 A Study on New Types of Cybercrime and Criminal Policy 2010 Won-Sang Lee 6
21 A Study on the Construction of an Efficient System for Safe Cyberspace 2010 Seok-Ku Kang 2
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