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No Title Year Author Hits
84 The Study on the Current Complaint System under the Criminal Justice Procedures and Suggestions for Improvement 2017 Kim, Jeong-yeon, Lee, Yu-na, Park, Kyung-kyu, Cho, Nam-un 4
83 A Study on the Measures to Enhance the Ministry of Justice’s Human Rights Support 2017 Yun, Jee-young, Gahng, Tae-gyung, Kim, Han-kyun, Soung, Jea-hyen 10
82 A Study on the Criminal Compensation System: Current Condition of Operation and Suggestion for Improvement 2016 Jee-Young Yun, Jin-Soo Chung, Joon Yeon Seo 7
81 Community Norms, Dispute Resolution Procedures, and Realization of Restorative Justice (I): Norms on School Violence and Dispute Resolution Procedures 2016 Dahye Chang, Jong-yeon Kim, Ji-myoung, Kang, Kyoung-ok Seol 8
80 A Study on the Current Operation Condition and Improvement Plan in Court-appointed Assistant System 2016 Ji-Tae Hwang, Ji-Young Kim, Hye-wook Won, Ji-young Kim, So-young Son 1
79 Current Condition of Victim Participation and Improvement Proposal in Criminal Procedure 2015 Mi-Suk Park, Jin-kuk Lee 97
78 A Study on the Mental Health Court and the Forensic Psychiatric Ward 2015 Soo-jin Kwon, Kwon-Chul Shin 4
77 The Study on Prosecutor's Effective Performances in Trials: Focusing on the Interrogation of Witnesses and the Sentencing Trials 2015 Dae-Keun Kim 4
76 Northeast Asia Regional System for Human Rights Protection in Criminal Procedure 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Jee-Young Yun, Tae-ung Baik 13
75 Reform Policy of Criminal Procedure in China 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Mi-Suk Park, Renwen Liu, Ke Ma 4
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