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94 The Analysis of the Korean Criminal Justice System and Its Management (II) 2017 Shin, Eui-gi, Lee, Yoo-na, Lee, Min-ho, Won, So-hyeon, Lim, Sung-geun, Do, Gyu-youp, Jung, Hee-soo 334
93 A Warrantless Police Entrance into a Private Premise 2017 Chun, Hyun-wook, Jeong, Cheol-woo, Kim, Hak-kyong, Yoo, Ju-sung, Park, Byung-woog , Kim, Hyeok 6
92 A Study on the Criminal Justice Policy and Integration for Korean Re-Unification (Ⅲ): Theory and Policy of United Criminal Law 2017 Park, Hark-Mo, Im, Seok-soon 5
91 Transnational tax-crime and Measures for Criminal Policy 2017 Lee, Cheon-hyun 8
90 A Study on the Reform of Special Criminal Acts: A Possibility for the Integration of the Criminal Provisions in the Special Criminal Acts related to the Economic Crime in the Criminal Code 2017 Kim, Yoo-keun 8
89 A Study on the Practice of Financial Investigations Operated by Law Enforcement Agencies in USA, UK, Germany, Japan and China 2017 Kang, Seok-ku, Lee, Sang-su, Sohn, Jin, Kang, Ji-hyun, Min, Shouxuan, Choi, Hye-seon 10
88 Research on the Law on Deportation in Foreign Countries: China, Philippine and Indonesia 2017 Kim, Kyoung-chan 7
87 Criminal Justice Policy and Future Strategy for Social Change (Ⅲ): Economic Polarization and Changes in Criminal Policies 2017 Hong, Young-oh ・Park, Jun-hee ・Kum, Hyun-sub, Park, Seong-min ・Kim, Bit-na 4
86 A Study on the Legal Consciousness of North Korean Refugees 2017 Choi, Young-shin, Kim, Dae-keun, Chae, Kyung-hee 4
85 The Annual Report on UN · International Cooperation and Research for Crime Prevention (XIII) : International Network for Research on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 2017 Yeon, Seong-jin, Soung, Jea-hyeun, Chun, Hyun-wook, Lee, Seung-jin, Na, Joo-won 17
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