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No Title Year Author Hits
108 Koreans View Crime and Justice(XⅢ)- 10 years of implementation of civil participation in criminal trials, and related policy plan - 2019 Park, Mi-suk, Seo, Joo-yeon, Choi, Yi-moon 473
107 Issue-specific comparative study among criminal acts and regulations of major countries to establish a global standard 2019 Choi, Min-young, Kim Jae-hyun, Heo, Hwang, Kang, Hyo-won, Kim, Taek-su, Park, Yong-chul, Sohn, Byung-hyun, Lee Dong-hee, Lee Seong-ki 92
106 The Criminal Justice Response and Development Strategy in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Ⅱ): The Internet of Things(IoT) and Blockchain 2019 Yun, Jee-young, Chun, Hyun-wook, Kim Jin-mook, Ryu, Bu-gon, Lee, Byung-uk, Lee, Won-sang 8
105 A Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Human Rights Competencies of Criminal Justice Institutions (II)- Evaluation of Human Rights Competencies of Penal Institutions - 2019 Gahng,Tae-gyung , Choi, Young-shin, Kim, Yeong-jung, Ko, Jae-ik, Lim, Tae-hoon, Kim, Hyung-nam , Bang, Hye-lin, Park, Sun-young 378
104 A Study on the Implementation of an Alternative Civilian Service System for Conscientious Objectors 2019 Gahng, Tae-gyung, Heo, Hwang, Lim, Dae-geun 2
103 The Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Human Rights Protection in Investigation Procedure 2019 Park, Mi-suk, Kim, Ye-lam 2
102 A Study on rational application plan for ‘Publication of Facts of Suspected Crime’ 2019 Kim, Jae-hyun, Lim, Jung-ho 7
101 Proposals for the Regulation of Perverting the Course of Justice in Korea 2019 Kang, Seok-Ku, Ju, Seung-hee 9
100 Analysis of the Korean Criminal Justice System and Its Management (III): Investigation Structure Diagnosis and Reform 2018 Tak, Hee-sung, Park, Hyung-min, Kim, Dae-keun, Kim, Yoo-keun 4
99 Decriminalization Discussion and Alternatives of Defamation by Publicly Alleging Facts 2018 Yoon, Hae-sung, Kim, Jae-hyun 9
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