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No Title Year Author Hits
20 Comprehensive Policy for Developing Scientific Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science (II) 2019 Kim, Han-kyun, Jo, Eun-kyung, Kim, Dae-won, Kim, Myeon-ki, Kwon, Yang-sub, Lee, Kyung-lyul, Park, Eun-jeong, Yoon, Hae-sung, Park, Joon-young, Ryu, Seung-jin, Lee, Jae-ung, Kim, Gi-bum, Lee, Kwan-hyung, Park, Ung-shin, Jeong, Bae-keun,Park, Hee-jeong 23
19 Research on the Criminal Investigation Body for High-ranking Officials 2019 Park, Jun-hwi, Kim, Yeong-jung, Han, Sang-hoon, Chung, Han-joong, Choi, Yu-jin, Moon, Joon-young 173
18 A Study on the Scope and Limitations of Open Investigations through Photo-Line 2019 Lee, Seung-hyun , An Su-gil 10
17 The Study on the Admissibility of Evidence Collected Overseas in International Criminal Investigation 2017 An, Sung-hoon, Kim, Min-ee, Kim, Sung-ryong 16
16 A Study on Implementing System of Licensed Private Investigators 2017 Soung, Jea-hyen 21
15 Changes in Investigation Practices after the 2012 Amendment of the Sexual Violence Laws and Suggestions for Reform 2015 Dahye Chang, Hark-Mo park, Eung-hyuok Chang 16
14 The Causes and Prevention Measures for Criminals’ Suicide during Prosecutor’s Investigation in Korea 2014 Seong-Jin Yeon, Sung-Hoon An 22
13 A Study on Internal Investigation 2011 Seok-Ku Kang, Sang-Jae Cho 9
12 A Study on Reforming the Investigation System regarding Counter-terror Activities 2011 Hae-Sung Yoon 5
11 Exclusion of Illegally Obtained Evidence in Search and Seizure 2007 Han-Kyun Kim, Soon-Chul Kwon, Sung-Han Lee 0
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