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No Title Year Author Hits
37 A Study on Exploring Research Issues Regarding Judicial Reform 2017 Kang, Seok-ku, Shin, Eui-gi, Im, Seok-soon, Han, Min-kyung, Kim, Jeong-yeon 4
36 Research on Preventing Defense Industry Corruption and Strengthening its Criminal Punishments 2016 Hark-Mo Park 58
35 The Structure, Mechanism, and Trends of Corruption in Korea (II) 2016 Ji-Tae Hwang, Kyoung-Chan Kim, Sun-joon Lee, Hyo-jin Song, Jin-hee Jang, Woo-duck Kwon 21
34 A Study on Improvement of Whistleblowing System for Public Interest 2016 Soo-jin Kwon, Sung-hyun Yoon 3
33 The Reforms of Anti-Corruption Laws 2016 Yoo-Keun Kim, Su-gil An 5
32 Study on the Recent Anti-Corruption Law Issues: Jurisprudential Considerations and Public Opinion Survey on the Anti-Corruption Bill 2015 Ji-Tae Hwang, Yoo-Keun Kim, Jun Hee Park 85
31 Comparative Study on Criminal Justice Policy in Korean & China : Anti-corruption Policy 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Kyung-Chan Kim, Eun Young Kim, Yoo Jin Jung 6
30 The Structure, Mechanism, and Trends of Corruption in Korea (I) 2015 Eun-Kyeong Kim, Dong Joon Shin, Jung-ju Lee, Seon-Joon Lee 5
29 A Study on the Denial of Entry and Provision of Safe Haven to Corrupt Officials 2011 Hae-Sung Yoon, Bong-Su Kim 1
28 Corruption among Public Officials and Its Control (Ⅱ) 2010 Young-Oh Hong, Buym-Jun Kim, Hyun-Ah Goo 5
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