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No Title Year Author Hits
928 Koreans View Crime and Justice(XⅢ)- 10 years of implementation of civil participation in criminal trials, and related policy plan - 2019 Park, Mi-suk, Seo, Joo-yeon, Choi, Yi-moon 473
927 Annual Report on UN·International Cooperation and Research for Crime Prevention (XⅤ) 2019 Yoon, Jeong-sook, Soung, Jea-hyen, Lee, Seung-jin, Na, Joo-won, Jung, Se-yoon, Kang, Min-jung 402
926 Research on Measures for Strengthening the Efficacy of Criminal Policy for Guaranteeing Public Safety(Ⅳ) A Study on the Safety Condition and Policy Issues in Foreign Population Concentrated Areas 2019 Kim, Ji-sun, Ra, Kwang-hyun, Jang, Hyun-seok, Park, Hyeon-ho, Cho, Young-hee, Jung, Young-tae, Kim, Kyung-mi 484
925 Study on Actual Situations and Countermeasures of Unlawful Practices of Law (Ⅱ) Focusing on the Reality of Corruption Committed by ‘Attorney-At-Law Retired from Public Office’and Its Countermeasures 2019 Hwang, Ji-tae, Lee, Cheon-hyeon, Lim, Jung-ho, Shin, Dong-joon 19
924 Study on the Reforms for the criminal justice system based on fairness and human rights(I)- focused on the evidence examination and evaluation designed to improve fact–finding accuracy 2019 Kim, Yoo-keun, Tak, Hee-sung, Park, Seong-min, Lee, Keun-woo, Lee, Sang-han, Choi, Jun-hyuk, Choi, Ho-jin, Hwang, Tae-jung 27
923 Municipal Police System in Korea(I) 2019 Park, Jun-hwi, An, Sung-hoon, Park, Jun-hee, Ko, Ga-young, Lee, Hyung-keun, Yoo, Ju-sung, Choi, Seong-rak, Kang, Yong-gil, Jang, Il-sik 55
922 A Study on State Violence for Transitional Justice: Focused on Labor Mobilization (I) - Extralegal Security Measures and National Construction Projects in the 1960’s 2019 You, Jin, Kang, Seok-ku, Park, Kyung-gyu, Kim, Ah-ram 83
921 Issue-specific comparative study among criminal acts and regulations of major countries to establish a global standard 2019 Choi, Min-young, Kim Jae-hyun, Heo, Hwang, Kang, Hyo-won, Kim, Taek-su, Park, Yong-chul, Sohn, Byung-hyun, Lee Dong-hee, Lee Seong-ki 92
920 A study on the reentry of juvenile offenders from the training schools in South Korea(Ⅲ) 2019 Jeon, Young-sil, Park, Seong-hoon, Jo, Young-oh, Chung, Jin-kyung, Kim, Hye-ok, Kim, Hyoun-kyoung, Lee, Joo-young, Joo, Hyun-kyong 96
919 Comprehensive Policy for Developing Scientific Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science (II) 2019 Kim, Han-kyun, Jo, Eun-kyung, Kim, Dae-won, Kim, Myeon-ki, Kwon, Yang-sub, Lee, Kyung-lyul, Park, Eun-jeong, Yoon, Hae-sung, Park, Joon-young, Ryu, Seung-jin, Lee, Jae-ung, Kim, Gi-bum, Lee, Kwan-hyung, Park, Ung-shin, Jeong, Bae-keun,Park, Hee-jeong 23
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