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908 Democratic Control Methods of the Local Police New 2018 An, Sung-hoon 6
907 Reentry of Juvenile Offenders from the Training Schools in South Korea (Ⅱ) New 2018 Park, Seong-hoon, Jo, Young-oh, Kim, Jung-sook, Hwang, Yeo-jung, Lee, Joo-young 5
906 Improvement of Conditional Suspension of Prosecution for Juvenile Offenders New 2018 Lee, Seung-hyun, Kwon, Hae-soo 9
905 Criminal Justice Response and Development Strategy in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (I): Autonomous Vehicles and Drones New 2018 Yun, Jee-young, Lim, Jung-ho, Kim, Seong-don, Lee, Min-hwa 11
904 Comprehensive Policy for Developing Scientific Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science (I) 2018 Kim, Han-kyun, Cha, Joung-jin, Chung, Kyo-il, Jo, Eun-kyung, Kim, Dae-won, Kim, Min-chi, Kim, Myeon-ki, Kwon, Yang-sub, Lee, Chang-hoon, Lee, Deok-gyu, Lee, Kyung-lyul, Lee, Yoon-jung, Lee, Won-sang, Park, Yoon-seok, Ryu, Seung-jin, Yoon, Hae-sung 16
903 Causes and Comprehensive Measures to Tackle “Gapjil” within the Public Sector 2018 Yoon, Hae-sung, Lee, Jung-ju, Yoon, Jong-seol, Joo, Yong-hwan, Lee, Sun-joong 5
902 Crowdfunding: The Actual Conditions and Countermeasures against Crime Using Crowdfunding 2018 Lee, Cheon-hyun, Son, Young-hoa 5
901 Crime Victim Assistance for Korean Residents Abroad 2018 Hong, Young-oh, Park, Jun-hee, Choo, Ji-hyun, Park, Woo 3
900 Crime against Person with Disabilities 2018 Kim, Ji-young, Choi, Soo-hyeong, Lee, Kwon-cheol, Lee, Jin-kuk, Kim, Kang-won, Choi, Jung-kyu 1
899 Introduction of a Public Defender in the Criminal Justice System 2018 Kim, Dae-keun, Han, Min-kyung 2
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